Sometimes little feet get tired and need a bit of help from mum - even if those little feet happen to belong to a polar bear.

So it's lucky this particular mama bear was willing to be the cub's ride for the day.

This adorable pictures is just one of the photos captured by photographer David Jenkins, who spent 10 years capturing the bond between newborn and mother.

Mr Jenkins was able to take the amazing shots of the bears in Wapusk National Park's 'denning area' - where the mother polar bear goes to give birth - after being awarded a special licence, only available to the very best wildlife photographers.

The Irish photographer, 42, caught the youngsters exploring their snowy worlds for the first time as their watchful mothers looked on.

But if the experience wasn't special enough, Mr Jenkins even managed to capture such magical moments as seeing a mother with three surviving cubs - a very rare occurrence.

Pregnant polar bears build their dens in snowdrifts along mountain slopes, hills near sea ice or in banks of snow on the frozen sea, according to Polar Bears International.

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  1. Magnificent animals. Pictures are breath taking

  2. Unknown says:

    Absolutely adorable and amazing!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    WKD Pociąg Miś nosek taki na zdjęciu taki nosek

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