Three cows whose plight made international headlines after they became stranded on a tiny grass island following an earthquake have been rescued.

The animals were pictured perched atop a minuscule piece of land following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake which rocked New Zealand in the early hours of Monday.

However on Wednesday it was revealed that the bovines had been rescued after farmers dug a trail with pick axes and shovels, and led them down the side of the newly-formed mountain.

'We dug a track with a number of people - the soil was quite soft because it had all been tipped over and bumbled around, we managed to get a track in and bring them out,' the owner of the farm told Newshub..

The farmer also revealed that the fault line runs straight underneath his property and had shifted the land by up to three metres in some parts.

Incredible video from Tuesday initially captured the cows standing helplessly on the mountainside atop the tiny island.

The group of three cows fortunately found themselves standing on a sturdy piece of land, saving their beef from the damaged and potentially dangerous earth below.

While there have been no specific reports of livestock deaths, there was widespread landslides across New Zealand.

One massive collapse of earth and rock covered a major road under tonnes of dirt, leaving it completely inaccessible to cars or emergency vehicles.

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