A buck head-butted the owner of a Minnesota fur company last week before trashing the warehouse full of deer hides.

A six-point buck head-butted the owner of a rural Minnesota fur company last week before trashing the shop's warehouse, currently full of deer hides being tanned for hunters.

The owner of Johnson Fur, located in rural Wilmar, Minnesota, believes the buck was seeking a mate and became confused after smelling the deer hides.

J0hnson walked away from the deer's head-butt with light bruising, but the deer proceeded to dash through the office, leaping over tables and making a mess of the office's paperwork. The buck even jumped onto a refrigerator.

After the Johnsons' Jack Russell terrier began nipping the deer at his heels, the confused animal eventually ran back out the door and escaped into the wild.

Lynette Johnson suggested that perhaps the deer was looking for a lost love or sibling.

“It was something else,’’ said business owner Scott Johnson, who took a set of six-point antlers to his ribs and stomach.

Responses to "Deer Breaks into Minnesota Deer Fur Company, Head-Butts Owner, Escapes"

  1. Too bad the deer did not do the most damage.

  2. Good for the deer!! Hehehehehe Its about time the animals fight back!! GOD Bless the animals....They are the innocent!! <3 <3 <3 <3

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