Michael Greyeyes says his role as Sitting Bull in the upcoming film Woman Walks Ahead is the most significant and important artistic endeavour he has undertaken.

 "The humanity of Sitting Bull and how he represents a community in crisis is really gripping and I think people can't help but come in to a new understanding of how history works, how history repeats," said Greyeyes.

Greyeyes, an associate professor of performance and devised theatre at York University, will play in the film as Sitting Bull opposite Academy Award-nominated actress Jessica Chastain as Catherine Weldon.

He said he hopes the story find its audience and that people really appreciates what the story is about.

"I think they'll learn something really significant about Indigenous rights, about empowerment and the power of people who resist," Greyeyes said.

The film's screenplay was written by Steven Knight (Eastern Promises) and is directed by Susanna White (Generation Kill). The film, currently in post-production, will be released in 2017.

"There was violence around each corner and I look at the United States right now and it's not dissimilar," Greyeyes said.

Greyeyes mentions an instance where he was reciting his lines, lines he says which were about not giving up ownership to the land. While he was saying his lines, he said he was very aware of the events unfolding around him such as the U.S. election and the protests in Standing Rock.

"For a movie that's been in the making for over a decade, it's timely beyond anything I could have imagined," he said.

Greyeyes thinks the movie has the potential to have a huge impact because of the way media is consumed now. He said people might read a book about what happened but actually seeing it will be a different experience.

"When you see it unfold in human terms, it grabs you in a different way," he said.

 Credited cast David Midthunder will play Shell King

Responses to "Michael Greyeyes plays Sitting Bull in upcoming film Woman Walks Ahead"

  1. Michael is such a gifted actor, I'm sure the message of the film will be that much more powerful because he is playing Sitting Bull. Wishing him and all the other actors my very best. Can't wait to see the movie!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Greyeyes is incredible, and I know he did a wonderful job. I can't imagine anyone else even playing Sitting Bull than Mr. Greyeyes he is truly amazing and I can't wait to see the movie!!!

  3. Solveig Karlsson says:

    Michael Greyeyes is an admirable,talented man and actor. I don´t fear the result of this filmmaking, but am looking forward to release date. With Michael in the lead as Sitting Bull, Jessica Chastain and so many talented actors, it is exciting,thrilling and a day to long for. The best of luck to all of you, who are involved in the production!!!

  4. Unknown says:

    Michael Greyeyes if a tremendous talent and this film should and hopefully will expose that. This segment of history is so important it needs telling in the correct way I'm sure all involved will shine. I await the release

  5. Rahel says:

    The Time is perfect to retell the Story! We can't change the future if we don't know our past! I'm looking forward to another piece of History being unearth in a fantastic Movie!! Thank you Michael for being part of that!

  6. Unknown says:

    when is movie coming out?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Michael Greyeyes is the best one to play the part of Sitting Bull. People need to know the truth in how the Natives were and still to this day are being treated. Their land is still being stolen from them and destroyed by pipelines. We need to wake up and see what is happening to the Native American People. Can't wait to see Michael's new movie.

  8. Unknown says:

    Where can we see the film ?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Did you see "Stolen Women: Captured Hearts?" with Michael Greyeyes , just great loved it

  10. Unknown says:

    Michael Greyeyes was the perfect choice for the roll of Sitting Bull, his ancestors are proud of him I am certain. Excellent film ! Thank You !

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