A contingent from Standing Rock Sioux Tribe walked across the Cantapeta Creek bridge and asked police and pipeline security to lose the loud helicopter so hundreds gathered at the water could hear themselves pray.

The loud whup-whup-whup rang out over a gathering of denominations and churches from across the country who answered a call to join “Clergy for Standing Rock.”

More than 500 people from 20 denominations — Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and Jews in white and colorful robes, stoles, cassocks — stood together to repudiate a centuries-old doctrine that declared America to have been discovered, to ask forgiveness for imperial injustice and to pray for those gathered in camps at the edge of the reservation.

The various symbols of religion were carried to the bridge alongside a traditional Sioux eagle staff and pots of burning sage that filled the air with a sharp cleansing smell.

“These churches would have never come together, but after centuries and wrongdoing to indigenous people and here at Standing Rock, it becomes imperative to come together,” Floberg said. “We want North Dakota to re-examine what they have been thinking about what’s going on here and refocus on the water that’s being protected and the sacred land."

Mariana White-Hammond, of the Bethel A.M.E. Church of Boston, took the microphone and told the crowd that she stood with Standing Rock and against the doctrine of discovery

“The sin committed against the people of this land is the same sin that was committed against my people,” she said. “Any system based on oppression is a system that cannot stand.”

Later, she said she came because she was inspired by the courage of the people of Standing Rock and their fight to protect water and their sacred lands.


 The Rising Sun People from Osaka, Japan standing with Standing Rock at Oceti Sakowin Camp (Photo Credit: Jason Umtuch)

Responses to "More than 500 clergy gather at Standing Rock to support water protectors"

  1. Anonymous says:

    How can the government defy what God has brought together? For all the faiths and tribes, persons of many nations in support of Standing Rock. Only a good God, weather it be Jesus, Buda, Ala, Mother Earth etc. Native American, Japan White an Black Americans, etc. is a Great God and should not be tampered with. Shame on the oil co. and Mr. Obama for allowing this to happen. I am ashamed to call my self an American at this moment.

  2. Unknown says:

    Water is life. We must keep our water clean and safe to drink for all living entities. The Native Americans and other tribes and people's from around the the world understand this. Why can't the oil companies understand. Look to other energy sources. Now is the time.

  3. Anonymous says:

    No water ... No life.... Think about it

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is such a very important time in our live's. What is happening right now at Standing Rock, is essential to all life on this Turtle Island. What with all of the two-leggeds coming from all around the Mother Earth to stand together, in solidarity is the way of humanity and, exactly as it should be Always!! A smile comes to my heart and tears of joy come when I am shown the Integrity, and strength of our People. Ronaldo Rafael Arvizu...Tucson, Az.

  5. Anonymous says:

    AWESOME All the people of the earth coming together for the cry for peace, the right to protect the land and water...The times are a changing...

  6. Karilynn says:

    THIS IS GREAT. The Elites want One World Order and they want to rule it. This is proof that the people are one world and we don't need the Elite to "order" us around. We can take care of business on our own. The People for The People.

  7. So Brave courageous an beautiful The Time Is Now . and this IS for all of the People and the World . Thank you . I love you .

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