A golden retriever left for dead in a bin bag outside a dog meat farm in South Korea had to get all four legs amputated to save her life.

The adorable pooch, named Chi Chi, had been tied up by her paws to prepare her for slaughter and the tight bindings ate away at her flesh and after brutal dog farmers deemed her unworthy for food.

Thankfully, she was found by an animal welfare group and in a bid to save her life they amputated all four paws.

A veterinary clinic decided that her four legs were so badly rotten that in order to save her life they would have to be amputated immediately.

In March 2016, Chi Chi was flown to LA where she made the journey to Arizona to be with Elizabeth, Richard and their daughter Megan, 13.

She added: 'For the first six weeks that we had her we wrapped her legs up in bandages, it took about 30 minutes every day, but we persevered.

'It wasn't clear whether she would walk again but the vets in Korea made her some prosthetics, they didn't fit her properly and gave her a lot of sores, but at least she was able to move around in them.

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