Ginger ran away several weeks ago, and Sergeant Dahlberg and her daughter were afraid their beloved puppy was lost forever. But after constant searching, they found Ginger.

There is no worse feeling than losing something – especially if that something is a someone that you love. Sergeant Dahlberg, the soldier in the video, had been feeling that panic deep in her gut for weeks as she searched for her lost dog Ginger.

She and her daughter look high and low until finally, as they were beginning to lose hope, Sargeant Dahlberg saw Ginger on the Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento’s website. She immediately rushed down and was reunited with her lost companion who greeted her with a big hug, and a few tears.

Unfortunately, Ginger contracted Parvo while on the streets. Parvo is an incredibly deadly disease and strays are especially vulnerable to it.

Thankfully, the doctors from Front Street Animal Shelter spotted the disease and have given Ginger a full treatment.

Ginger returned to her forever family and her home, much to the relief of Dahlberg and her daughter.

But, Dahlberg cautioned her exuberant daughter, “She’s [still] sick honey, you have to be careful with her.” As always, the local shelter saves the day again.


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