On Tuesday, November 15th, join a massive day of action in solidarity with those at Standing Rock, and demand the Federal government and the Army Corps reject this pipeline.

 Find an event at an Army Corps of Engineer office near you, or sign up to host an action in your city to support the indigenous communities and landowners fighting on the front lines.

This day of action is one of many calls for solidarity actions targeting not only the Army Corps, but stakeholders at every level

This is a movement-led day of action, taking leadership from indigenous groups active in the Standing Rock struggle including Indigenous Environmental Network and Honor the Earth.

The protectors want to see construction of the pipeline halted entirely and its route changed. They point to a rising number of pipeline accidents in recent years as evidence that they are right to be concerned about the safety of their water source.

Photo by Adam Alexander Johansson. 

The tribe and its supporters also believe they were not properly consulted concerning the project’s effect on sacred sites and burial grounds.

The protectors appear to be dedicated to continuing their demonstrations even as the weather gets colder.

Responses to "The Water Protectors declare Nov. 15th the 'Worldwide Day of Action' to stop the pipeline."

  1. Anonymous says:

    I live in England but I support you all in your efforts to protect your environment and your community.

  2. I live in England and my thoughts and love are with you. Prayer and standing together will prevail.
    Stand strong . God be with you.

  3. My Heart and Thoughts are with all of You through out all the days and nights of Your struggle for Your Water and Land Rights for all the People of the Earth! The greed and unconsciousness which stands in your way cannot prevail for long. All things end. They will lose. The Children of the Earth will win! Many Prayers for what is Right!

  4. ursenna says:

    I support you from italy

  5. Unknown says:

    Praying every night for you all and our church is sending donations to the protestors.

  6. Cynthia Arnold says:

    I pray and pray that it can be stopped. However, there is one fear now rising that since Trump is our president, he has stated that he will put the pipeline through.. My heart cries out and hopes that this doesn't become true. Thank you for all those who have been able to go and fight for our water.

  7. I wish I could be there with you supporting your efforts. I have no way to get to you. I am with you in spirit brothers and sisters.

  8. Juraj says:

    Držím Vam palce ...

  9. Unknown says:

    I'm from UK Standing with you all the way, My Prayers are said every day for you, Blessed Be Namaste Heart Love xXx

  10. Unknown says:

    There are ways to support the movement from the U.K. including writing to international banks that are offering the loans to fund the pipeline. One of them is Barclays. There are protests happening as well if you just do a facebook search.

  11. Claudia says:

    What can I do if I cannot attend a protest? I'm very much in do I help?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Some do not see the value in beautiful natural land and protecting clean water, and believe it should be developed. How can we help?

  13. Glitter says:

    I live in Australia and send blessings , support and conscious thoughts to halt the pipeline and prevail with a peaceful move that those who vigilantly, tirelessly and peacefully protest at Standing Rock will show hose in
    Opposition how important the customs of indigenous ways are. Water is sacred to sustain life and we must follow natural laws.. unite .. With deep respect and united hearts may all the tribes unite to overthrow the Oppressor The Black Snake.. x x Dear Universe let the will of the people for the good of all be done xxx

  14. Anonymous says:

    We all get our feathers from the same no color or status will stop this from affecting you as well Trump...

  15. Miska says:

    Always praying and reading posts and papers and Facebook for updates. Not just the land in question for this black snake, but all the land is yours. You of all people should be the ones, the only ones, to decide yes or no. Stand strong, keep up the good works. All that you are doing is magnificient! May your spirits watch you and guide all of you!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I join you in this peaceful protectors of this Sacred land, and sacred water for life of all people. Mainly for the Indigenous peoples in their land. The correct and beautiful First People of this United States. Though I can't be present at the site, it is constantly on my heavy heart, and the injustice these people are undergoing, dog attacks, rubber bullets, water boarding, arrest. Not only does it impact the people, it also is and will impact the wildlife and the land and water. They have herds of Buffalo corralled without food or water to protect their precious pipeline progress. This black snake is a nasty blotch in Humanity, and the treaties set forth many years ago. I Stand for Standing Rock and it's neighbors, the voiceless wildlife; and especially those who are being mistreated by these beast of big industry where greed over life is more to them than protecting Mother Earth. I am with all of you in my Prayers, thoughts, tears, and heavy heart and soul that screams for justice. There seems that there is no justice. No honor. and that many lies are told by the Government (which I do not trust), they all speak from both sides of their mouth with forked tongues like this Black Snake. May Peace Hope, Unity, and Humanity prevail over this travesty of justice. Blessings to the American Native people. Great Spirit Father protect our people and Mother Earth...Intervene I ask of you A'HO!!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    that ''pinging'' sound in the arctic ocean looks to be ''alien'' causes, as ''structures'' were found on google maps at hecla strait in arctic.just like mars and ,moon ''light structures''. shine your flashlights to the sky ,all around the world. aliens are at hecla strait, responsible for ''pinging'' sound...what else could it be? it is ''aliens'' see them all the time in the united states. streaking down over neighborhoods.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Tomorrow, the, I ´ll stand at our lake "Alster" in the middle of my town "Hamburg" / Germany and sing a song for Standing Rock with my big "buffalo" drum. Mni Wiconi. Water is live. Ani - wa - ya.

  19. Lucy says:

    I am with you x Standing in my cave in Gozo sending you love with the ancients xxx

  20. nicholle says:

    God in heaven help the ignorant become the week be storng.lead your people to truth and freedom.with all my heart may the bad guys loose

  21. Anonymous says:

    No world, No animals, No plants. No fish, No birds, No humans WATER IS The Life of Every Thing .

  22. Geraldine says:

    Wonderful! What a way to celebrate my birthday. I am an indigenous rights advocate and I support Standing Rock.

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