The natural curiosity of puppies often puts them in perilous situations. For puppies born in the wild or on streets, it doesn’t take much to end up in dangerous and devastating circumstances.

It is all too easy for these little ones to be harmed in the face of challenges such as cars, man-made debris, lack of shelter, and other animals.

In India, there is a massive population of street dogs in most cities. Though these dogs are accustomed to wandering, they are very vulnerable to these outside dangers.

Recently, three puppies found themselves trapped in an open construction pit, hanging on for life above water. Luckily for these beautiful babies and their worried mother, Blue Cross of Hyderabad was there to help!

Watching rescues scale a 30-foot wall to reunite the puppies with their mother is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

While not everyone can go to such incredible lengths to help animals in need, we can all make a difference for homeless pups in our area by choosing to adopt!

Blue Cross of Hyderabad was the first organisation to start a full-fledged animal rescue service for sick, injured and abused animals from the streets of Hyderabad. They have helped over 4,00,000 animals

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    Blessings to Blue Cross of Hyderabad. So beautiful.

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    Thank you kind people.

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