Award-winning actress Jane Fonda — a sharp critic of the government’s failure to honor treaties with Native American First Nations - supports Standing Rock.

Fonda, in addition to joining the group, has donated four much-needed Mongolian yurts and five bison. Yurts — round, semi-permanent tents reinforced with framing and usually equipped with a heat source doubling as a stove in the center — are traditional housing used by nomadic cultures for centuries as defense against the elements for their ease of portability.

For her part, Jane Fonda has already participated in an arts education program at Solen Middle School in the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation earlier this year. Indeed, the activist and actress is no stranger to the American Indigenous rights movement — in 1969, she supported the Native American occupation of Alcatraz Island, intended to garner attention to continued treaty rights violations and the need for Indigenous sovereignty.

"I came away with the belief that what is happening at Standing Rock is an existential confrontation between two opposing world views. One is represented by the Indigenous Water Protectors and their allies who believe our future depends on respecting the land and water on which human life depends. The people on the front lines are very brave. They stand, carrying their banners, chanting, and praying with arms reaching toward the sky." said Jane Fonda

"The Indigenous Peoples who are defending the lands and water are descendants of cultures with powerful identities stretching back for centuries, long before European settlers arrived. They had alphabets. A deep matrilineal tradition of communalism existed in tribal villages where people worked their lands in the presence of their ancestors’ graves, in harmony with the natural world, believing the land and water belong to everyone, considering the earth their mother and that they are connected to the stars, part of a seamless web of life." said Jane Fonda

We must do all we can to make sure the Water Protectors are victorious. These are people fighting to protect the earth and all its creatures including us.

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