We survived this weather before! It's in our DNA! We take care of each other and security checks on everyone. Oceti Sakowin Oyate in full effect. We will persevere and we will win!

"This is winter… It’ll get cold here. It gets about 40-50 degrees below zero. If you don’t have it in your blood to stay and fight for what you believe in, you won’t be able to take this kind of cold. I’m prepared for it, it’s in my ancestral blood." says Shakes the Spear from the Red Bottom tribe in Montana

"This weather, our bodies wait for it. Our bodies wait for the changes of the seasons. Our bodies wait for winter to kill all the bad, negative energy that’s in our physical bodies, and that’s in our thoughts and minds. Then in the spring, it all comes new again. I come new again, and so do you. A blade of grass, a little ant, you and me—everyone heals. We all grow. We get to start new." added Shakes the Spear

Avery White is a photographer based in New Orleans, Louisiana, where the unchecked power of oil companies also threatens the life and health of our community. I've been at Standing Rock for weeks to bear witness to the strength and integrity of those putting everything on the line in a fight to protect the natural resources.

"I’m staying. We should all stay, until it’s over. We won a battle but the war is not over. We need to stop this black snake. It starts here and it needs to stop here. If it goes past this river it’s going to affect 18 million people down the Missouri River. We’re here for everybody. We’re here for life. We’re here for our women and children, our elders. We’re here for our ancestors." says Standing Still from the Mille Lacs Band of the Ojibwe tribe in Minnesota

Kane Wolf Apache descendent, from the South Side of Chicago Image: Avery White

"We’re going to stand with the water and protect it. We’re going to stay here. Everyone got fooled, got tricked. There was no victory here. It’s not OK to leave. I’m here to stay. I’m here to stay as long as I can. You know, “Mni Wiconi,” water is life." says Kane Wolf Apache descendent, from the South Side of Chicago

 Standing Still From the Mille Lacs Band of the Ojibwe tribe in Minnesota Image: Avery White

"This fight definitely isn’t over. We’re just hunkering down, and we ain't leaving. We ain't leaving until the black snake’s dead. We ain't leaving 'til that pipeline’s out the ground, those DAPL lights are down, they clean up their mess, and they’re home with their families. Right now the black snake's got an arrow in him, he’s hurting. He’s still just as dangerous though. Maybe even more dangerous. We want him dead. That means we’re camping out, we’re gonna have to get ready for this harsh winter." says Sarah Shelman from the Ojibwe tribe in Michigan

SOURCE Avery White Via Motherboard

 Shakes the Spear From the Red Bottom tribe in Montana Image: Avery White

 Sarah Shelman From the Ojibwe tribe in Michigan Image: Avery White

 Veterans march to the front lines on December 5th. Image: Avery White

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