Qualicum, White Raven Capital of the World There is little doubt that Qualicum is the White Raven Capital of the World, and just to prove the point, another White Raven was recently added to the family.

Photographer stopped by the woods close to the Qualicum Civic Centre and was lucky enough to photograph the latest white, blue-eyed offspring. According to a town worker there was only one White Raven seen this year.

White Ravens are extremely rare all over the world except in Qualicum. Some say it's the water. Others claim it is the pure Island air.

Albinism and leucism are known phenomena in nature. In simple terms these are genetic that affect the pigmentation of the cells in animals. If the animal lacks all pigmentation and has pink eyes, it is an albino. If it lacks pigmentation in only some parts and doesn't have pink eyes, it is leucistic.

The situation usually arises when two black Common Ravens with the same genetic mate. However, since they are monogamus and long-lived, there is no reason why they can't produce successive generations of White Ravens. This definitely seems to be the case in the Qualicum area.

Photos Mike Yip

White Ravens have been reported for well over a decade. A golfer at nearby Morningstar golf course phoned to say he once saw four White Ravens on the same branch of tree. Another golfer phoned to tell about a White Raven mated to a black raven and the produced mottled brown offspring.

The White Raven is held in high regard by many native cultures and has special spiritual significance. Several native legends credit the White Raven for bringing light to the world by freeing the sun, moon, and stars which were locked away by an evil being.

In the course of its heroic deed White Raven was turned to black. The occasional sighting of a White Raven now is meant to remind people of how the world was saved for all mankind and animals of creation.

There is also a belief that the sighting of a White Raven signifies the impending end of the world. With all the wars, riots, and environmental destruction, that might not be too far from the truth.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Are there any records of the white Ravens breeding and successfully rearing young

  2. Unknown says:

    White Ravens are so beautiful......

  3. Anonymous says:

    amazing birds..

  4. Unknown says:


    I once saw an all white eagle near Neah Bay. First thought it was a gull, but quickly realized that did not make sense. It was too big and was perched just feet away from another eagle. Was told later by one of my staff that it was special to the Makahs.

  5. Unknown says:

    we had a white raven man,. many years ago in black creek bc ...the poor thing was hit by a car and my neighbor had him stuffed ..i dont know who has him now ...he was such a sight to see ...the other ravens did not like him very much ....

  6. Unknown says:

    According to Meister Aaemon from the black watch at the Wall in Game of Thrones... a white raven means that "WINTER IS COMING"

  7. Kate says:

    Very interesting and will be fun to study. Native Americans must have stories about them.

  8. Kate says:

    White Ravens seem very interesting. I will enjoy studying them and how they are associated with Native Americans believes and story telling.

  9. Unknown says:

    Beautiful, stunning and amazing!

  10. Anonymous says:

    These ravens are all leusistic, not albino (no red eyes). My guess is they should be able to interbreed, only having a plumage difference.

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