"The more you create positive energy, the more you are in prayer, sending a voice, the more fearless you walk. We are defeating an empire." Chase IronEyes

"All the people here are committed to standing for a new reality. This fight is symbolic, reaching mythological proportions. The people are heroes, the giants are ready to be slain, the rebirth is happening, material comfort is forgone, spiritual guidance changes the very archetypes & dynamics of power.

The great usurpation of our spirits, the oppression of all by debt, capital, currency & materiality is exposed as the artifice from which we must liberate." Chase IronEyes sent this message of hope  for all peaceful warriors and the watching world.

“The highest weapon of them all is prayer,” White Bull said, a Lakota Warrior. She explained that her Lakota name meant “Compassionate Woman.” Like so many Lakota, she was the granddaughter of a Second World War code talker, one of the Native soldiers who, using their own language, communicated in a code that was never broken. “The world is watching. Our ancestors are watching,” she said. “We are fighting for the human race.”

David Archambault II, the tribal chair, who from the beginning has led the resistance to the D.A.P.L. pipelines, told the water protectors, “What you are doing is precious to us. I can’t describe the feelings that move over me. It is wakan, sacred. You all are sacred.”

Photo: Rob Wilson

A recently published photo of a person from that night of November 20th, covered in ice and praying, illustrates the deep resolve that comes from a philosophy based on generosity of spirit.

Photo: Rob Wilson
Every time the water protectors showed the fortitude of staying on message and advancing through prayer and ceremony, they gave the rest of the world a template for resistance.

Photo: Rob Wilson

The young people offered the water to the police who stood on the other side. Two of the officers refused, but one took some water and spilled it onto his shirt, over his heart.


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