While enjoying the backcountry winter playground of Boulder Mountain, Idaho, Chuck Whitesell, Ryan Miller, and a few other friends saw a horse that was trapped on the mountainside.

 The backcountry is great if you have a snowmobile, but this horse was unprepared for the harsh winter conditions and found himself stuck in deep snow. The friends immediately turned around to fetch supplies and orchestrate a rescue.

Ryan Miller posted this on Facebook “Found the lost horses on side of Boulder Mountain at about 7600 ft. Not a good spot to call winter range. Gonna try to haul him some feed.”

The group of rescuers returned to the horse with hay and water. They also began to organize an epic helicopter rescue to pull the poor guy out of the neck-deep snow.

The amateur rescuers hooked up with Skidoo and secured several snowmobiles and a helicopter to get this horse to safety.

They sedated the horse and gently put him into a harness.

Then, they airlifted him out of the backcountry! The horse was perfectly fine after what we can only assume was a very stressful ride. As for our heroes, they are currently trying to find the horse’s guardian to let them know that he is all right.


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