Comanche water protectors are having an all-day music and informational festival  to raise awareness and celebrate the environment.

 Comanches on the Move is hosting "Rock'n In Solidarity" from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday at Watchetaker Hall at the Comanche Nation Tribal Complex, 9 miles north of Lawton. The morning program will begin with keynote speakers on environmental issues having major impacts in Oklahoma and Texas, and other pipelines across the country, including the Dakota Access Pipe Line (DAPL), said Gen Hadley, group spokesperson.

"Our goal is to unite Southwest Oklahoma tribes in the struggle for a cleaner, greener environment," Hadley said. "We have invited tribal dignitaries to discuss their concerns and how their tribes are combating this very serious problem."

Dancing, music, speakers

The afternoon program will focus on special cultural dances like the Apache Crown Dancers, a group from Riverside Indian School, and the Kealii Polynesian Dancers. Other activities will include a flutist performance, a prayer circle headed by Tone Gyah Dae, and a cedar ceremony by the Comanche Native American Church, 1918 Chapter.

The evening program will offer a solo musical performance by Lindsey Turberville, along with bands Quese IMC, Marcus Frejo, a Pawnee tribal member (a Standing Rock water protector who will share his story of his arrest), Crook Nation, Spencer Faamatau, Anthony Rivas Band, Shake Fontaine, NDN TYMZ, and "our very own Comanche water protector, 2nd Born Son," Hadley said.

Other special appearances will include George "Comanche Boy" Tahdooahnippah, Warriors Unlimited, Tim "Comanche Warrior" Johnson and MMA fighter Bill Smallwood of the Crow Tribe, located in Montana. Comanches On the Move will sponsor a winner-takes-all hand drum contest

Avenue Tattoo Parlor will be set up at the event to do Standing Rock tattoos with proceeds going directly to Standing Rock Water Protectors, Hadley said.

Joe Aitson Jr. and Carla Whiteman will be the masters of ceremonies for the event. The Kiowa Women Warriors will serve as color guard and The Walters Bunch will provide the host drum.

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