In an op-ed, the Doors drummer salutes Standing Rock protectors and advocates for the pardon of activist Leonard Peltier

The Doors' John Densmore calls on Barack Obama to apologize to Native Americans for centuries of injustice and pardon activist Leonard Peltier in a passionate new op-ed for Rolling Stone.

Densmore has long advocated on behalf of Native Americans and even immersed himself in their music (he joined the group Burning Sky on their 2002 record, Spirits In the Wind). As he notes in his piece, he also previously lobbied Bill Clinton on behalf of Peltier

While Clinton did not pardon or commute Peltier's sentence, Densmore implores Obama to do so now, not just for humanitarian reasons, "but also as a way of acknowledging the injustice suffered by Native Americans.

"Come on Barack, you can do it. The extremely courageous vets, 4,000 of them, descended on Standing Rock to protect the protesters because they saw them being abused. Then the former soldiers did an amazing thing: they apologized to the Indian Elders."

"They apologized for broken treaties, they apologized for stolen minerals from the sacred land and they apologized for blasting the faces of presidents on the sacred mountains ... extraordinary rhetoric." said John Densmore

"Now our president could step up and emulate these heroes of former wars in service for our country. I read about an ex-Marine and native Navajo who feels the same. He appreciated the apology from the Vets, but said it was not only the veterans who needed to apologize."

"He felt Native people should also receive an apology from the U.S. Government because it was the government that did it. At the least, giving clemency to Peltier would be a giant tip of the hat to the people who taught us Thanksgiving ... and then we took the whole turkey." added John Densmore

Responses to "The Doors drummer John Densmore to Barack Obama: Apologize to Native Americans"

  1. Thomas Owen says:

    No doubt John. All Native issues are way overdue. I see many award shows, many movies, television with accolades of newer vision of all peoples except, who? It is heart breaking, it boils my blood.
    Being white and being one of, seems, a few who cares, is a sad journey, mainly because I see the lack of caring. Time for this country, at the very least, apologize, and to bring forth acts of reconciliation. Change the damn textbooks to tell the truth
    Free Leonard. Unbelievable. Unacceptable.
    If ever I could possibly help wuth your personal fight I would try to help where possible. I work full time, closer to retirement, not a lot of money, but I have always tried to help. Twitter, phone calls. It so seems, not enough or is it jusy deafness.
    Sad it appears the whole world seems to stand for Leonards freedom, as well as Native issues than this country.
    Anyway, could rant forever about this.
    Thank you for being a voice.
    Love and Peace Profound to you and yours...

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