This really is the look of love! This adorable little owl with a heart-shaped face will bring a smile to your face.

 The cute owl looks like she loves to pose, as she stares into the camera with a tilted head. It all gets too much for the model owl though, and she’s snapped yawning as she settles down for a snooze.

The sweet pictures of the light-feathered barn owl were taken by real estate agent and amateur photographer Ck Patnaik, near his hometown of Bhubaneswar, in Odisha, India.

Ck, 40, said: “I’ve never seen a barn owl yawning before – that’s my favourite one.

“When I looked back at the images, I thought I’d hit the bulls eye – it was wonderful, and my heart filled with great joy.

“I knew I had something special.

The barn owl is found almost everywhere in the world except polar and desert regions, Asia north of the Himalayas, most of Indonesia, and some Pacific islands.

They mate for life unless one of the pair gets killed, when a new pair bond may be formed. Breeding takes place at varying times of year according to locality, with a clutch, averaging about four eggs, being laid in a nest in a hollow tree, old building or fissure in a cliff. The female does all the incubation, and she and the young chicks are reliant on the male for food.

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