Yellowstone National Park has initiated wild bison capture operations in their Stephens Creek bison trap, and plans to send hundreds to slaughter in coming weeks.

 Yellowstone asserts that these actions are necessary to appease Montana’s livestock industry which claims wild bison pose a threat. Bison were recently bestowed with the honor of being designated as the United States’ National Mammal.

“Bison were recently granted national mammal status by the U.S. Congress because they embody such monumental significance in this country, as a symbol of the wild, untamed land, as the true shapers and stewards of native grasslands and prairie communities, and for their profound cultural importance to many indigenous tribes,” said Stephany Seay of Buffalo Field Campaign.

Wild bison advocates must work to repeal MCA 81-2-120 and remove the Montana Department of Livestock’s authority over wild buffalo, and also insist on a new plan that respects wild buffalo like wild elk in Montana.

How You Can Help: Contact Yellowstone National Park 
Daniel Wenk, Superintendent Yellowstone National Park P.O. Box 168 Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190-0168 
Phone: (307) 344-2002 Fax: (307) 344-2014 
Today, there are an estimated 5,500 bison in Yellowstone National Park. This means the lives of 2,500 hang in the balance.

Furthermore, the annual removal of bison has real ecological consequences for other wildlife basically taking food out of the mouths of wolves, grizzlies, coyotes, ravens, magpies and other animals that kill or scavenge bison.

Responses to "Yellowstone National Park will slaughter 1,300 genetically unique wild bison"

  1. lena716 says:

    Please, leave, the bison alone. Let them live and be happy where they are.

  2. wish i could get some meat

  3. Unknown says:

    Why not have a managed hunt? Sell permits or do a lottery type selection.

  4. Katarzyna says:

    The idea isn't to thin down the hurd. Someone didn't read. The idea is to appease the "rights" of Livestalk Organizations/Lobbyists? (fact check). They claim that the wild bison's existence threatens the grazing of their, most likely massive over grading of land.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Everyone needs to learn to keep their hands off MOTHER NATURE, she knows what she's doing!!!

  6. dutchdog says:

    Thanks Bob Harris. So when this cull does not work they will cull some more? Can the cattle not be vaccinated? Probably easier (and cheaper) to kill.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Did you create them? i am waiting, nope you did not. So stop and mind you own.

  8. Ms Lotus says:

    If protecting cattle is the issue, segregate the herds - surely there is room on the planet for both.

  9. Unknown says:

    what is the best way to protest this?

  10. PLEASE let the bison live and let the Native American people's tend to them.

  11. Unknown says:

    instead of slaughter\, cant they transport them to am =n other area ???

  12. Unknown says:

    I have an idea. Let's practice human population control so we don't need so many cows.

  13. Unknown says:

    Leave them alone send them to Alaska

  14. Robert Henri says:

    Les autorités de ce parc de Yellowstone ne sont-ils pas supposées protéger l'environnement, la flore et la faune ? Les vachers (cow-boys) dont les ancêtres ont cruellement traité le bison et les autochtones qui en dépendent sont des personnes ignares, mal éduquées, bref! des idiots. Tuer ces bisons pour la cupidité d'un groupe est un crime contre la faune et l'environnement. N'envoyez ces vachers en Alaska, ils s'en prendraient aux bœufs musqués.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I only eat native red meat...deer and bison. Nocow or pig. I can appreciate that people are able to eat free range meat, but NOT where that range is.

  16. Unknown says:

    Absolutely unnecessary to kill the wild bison! If greed wasn't an issue, nature can sustain. There was once millions of bison roaming until the government killed them off to in turn kill off the natives. Leave it to natural selection!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Please in the behalf of all living creatures. Give them to the real American who main wish was when shareing the land. In history clam that no one kill the bison that they belong to the native American Indian. And all Indian. Should be informed personally. Before you even try to eliminate the source of all living humanity. Will be dependent of the bison, when earth hits a trun.due from climate change. This is a no justice, leave the animals alone. We live all together if you don't like it you get out, don't kill off the supply of the future,please send them to the people who love and appreciate them. Anyone that agreed to hurt them should face jail for animals interest to harm and to make instinct. That is animal cruelty, and it's not acceptable. By man of God and God himself. I stand strong against this act!!!! Stop! and vote for them to be released to the native, we need 2000 votes to stop this caring people, please stop this insanity.please

  18. What action can we take to stop this??

  19. Anonymous says:

    Instead of Slaughtering them why don't you open a Season to hunt them each year. The state would regulate via a Drawing as to how and who get to Hunt the animal. Make reporting a successful hunt mandatory. This would give the general public a chance to fill their freezer and provide the State funds. Be sure to mandate for Out of State hunters also.

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    Leave these Beautiful God's Creations ALONE!! That's All You want to do is KILL, KILL,KILL! Animals know More Love than some People. I Love Animals.

  22. WisePati says:
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  23. Anonymous says:

    First they slaughter the wild horse now they want to do the same with the bison, just so the cattle rancher can have the land for their cows. Such greedy people. Leave the wild animals alone

  24. Anonymous says:

    Leave the bison alone! Something like this has happened before with deer. The bison (and deer) were there first, and the wild life's land. Leave nature alone. You're going to mess up the ecosystem.

  25. Brenda says:

    I think this is a very bad idea, is this what mankind has become the destroyer of everything??? This makes me ashamed that I am a part of a species that has become nothing but killing machines. Leave them alone, everything wrong we do affect eco. I wonder how mankind would feel if a species from another planet came to destroy us because they felt we were an hindrance to their society?

  26. Anonymous says:

    So... When will the cattle industry stop with their ongoing slaughter of all wild animals??? How much power and money is "enough"? Shrouds don't have pockets and they won't have lobbyists and govt cronies at the Pearly Gates....!!

  27. Kathleen Robertson says:

    This just saddens me. I just don't understand people. Why does this have to happen? ��

  28. Anonymous says:

    If we got rid of that many political leader the same way and gave lands back to the Indians we would be much better off

  29. Unknown says:

    Unacceptable. Stop cow tailing to these bullies. How about they thin their herds. There is so much food waste in America as it is. L

  30. Maryann says:

    It's the cattle that pose a threat to the Bison. Please do not kill a part of America's great heritage for the greedy ranchers!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    en assassinant les bisons, vous assassinez la nature!

  32. Beverly says:

    There are many wild animal parks across the nation. Can they not be relocated?

  33. Unknown says:

    shame on this national park cowering down to cattle farmers. haven't they taken enough of the wildlife's land ? I wont ever pay ONE DIME to ever support this park that is a slap in the face to what it was created for

  34. Unknown says:

    Relocate them or have hunting season they are not cattle they been on this planet before we was..Give to native American tribes they are the one who got screwed over by the us government by stealing there land

  35. Anonymous says:

    I'm sure there are ranchers who would love to have the beginning of a Bison herd. I'd take 3 or 4 to put on my land as long as they didn't tell me what I could do with them.

  36. Unknown says:

    Can't the Humane Society International stop this, & ASPCA. Why don't the U. S. Govt. stop it. Leave the Bison alone.

  37. Anonymous says:

    This is horrific. Humans keep killing innocent animals that don't deserve to die. There is no reason to do this and it needs to stop. If humans are overpopulating and taking all the land away from beautiful animals, then start sterilizing people!

  38. Unknown says:

    The bison should not be culled. Period.

  39. Wow, humans breed indiscriminately, there's no 'control' of their numbers, but they get to decide the fate of other animal's numbers. Humans wage war as a method of culling humans but still we continue to overpopulate the world. Leave animals alone.

  40. Unknown says:

    Leave the bison alone or relocate them to another part of the US. The other animals need to use them as food too.

  41. Anonymous says:

    This is all due to the "Entitlement Attitude" of the Ranchers (Like the Bundys) that have sucked the teats of the Federal Government for far too long.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Leave them alone! You're supposed to be a national park, not a slaughterhouse. Act accordingly!

  43. Anonymous says:

    leave them alone! why do you always have to think 'slaughter'?? Too lazy to take some other more humane solution to problems? Get real....... you are the gatekeepers of these national parks and it INCLUDES the innocent animals

  44. Anonymous says:

    leave them alone! why do you always have to think 'slaughter'?? Too lazy to take some other more humane solution to problems? Can't the Humane Society International stop this, & ASPCA. Why don't the U. S. Govt. stop it. Leave the Bison alone.

  45. You have taken the habitat and food from coyotes, grizzlies, and other scavenger animals and now you want to take the bison? Let nature take care of itself and stop using Yellowstone National Park as your personal grazing land. It belongs to ALL of us, not just YOU. Those animals were hunted almost to extinction for their hides and the meat was left to rot even though it was the primary food source for the native americans. Stop being such greedy assholes and leave them alone!!!

  46. Unknown says:

    The mailbox is full for the number listed above.

  47. all the people saying organise a proper hunt? how about you just leave them be and lets cull humans they are the most damaging to the planet, humans are always interfering! leave other living beings alone ya murdering bastards

  48. Anonymous says:

    Why is it nessessary to kill them. I don't understand how these land management and so called preservation people get away with making bullshit ass excuses to kill things. The environment balances out itself. Killing is not needed. It's just an excuse for another plan. This is utter nonsense.

  49. Unknown says:

    So we almost wipe 'em out, work to restore them now gonna slaughter 'em so folks can graze their livestock and make $$?

  50. Erna Winter says:

    What the fuck is wrong with people!! Omg!! And if they were going to slaughter them as they do thousands of animals a day, not just Bison! What will be done with the meat? Feed people? Oh no... Just Kill.. That's fucked!

  51. Nancy Raymond says:

    You kill massive amounts of animals each year to appease ranchers - this is a NATIONAL park and belongs to all of us. You have no right to ignore citizens who care about the preservation of wildlife and keep on kissing rancher's asses.

  52. Unknown says:

    "Yellowstone asserts that these actions are necessary to appease Montana’s livestock industry which claims wild bison pose a threat."

    It's a threat alright, to the cattle industry. If people are able to hunt for themselves, that would make cattle ranches obsolete.

  53. Yitka Sima says:

    People are eating less meat and dairy products each year. Perhaps it's time to reduce farming in these areas and allow the bison to live in their natural habitat.

  54. J.Esquire says:

    The only thing to do is Appease what Creator would have us do...Much better direction to be going with this NOT so difficult decision...I think some folks just want to MURDER something...!!!!

  55. Unknown says:

    Really...lets stop killing and do something productive with your time....Killing is not the the right thing........and STOP..............

  56. Anonymous says:

    It's healthier for you to not eat meat and eat a planet based diet. With that in mind why would we kill off some of the few wild animals when humans and our domestic animals make up 98% of the animals on this planet! The greed of humans constantly surpasses my expectations and it should never happen.

  57. Robert Henri, plains bison, although not native to Alaska, have been living there for about a hundred years. They were transported there specifically to try and save the species. Their locations are too far from the musk oxen and separated by too many mountain ranges, glaciers, et al, to ever be a threat to them, although before bison and musk oxen died out in Alaska, they did successfully share the same ecosystem. Once their numbers were secure in Alaska, some were reintroduced to some western states to repopulate there. Just two years ago some wood bison (the native species) were reintroduced to Alaska, in a region far separated from both the plains bison and musk oxen. The musk ox was reintroduced from Greenland just before the plains bison were.
    However, "sending them to Alaska" is still not a suitable response to this dilemma. Playing into the greedy hands of the beef industry is not properly addressing the issue. Yes, Americans want their beef, but we may just have to learn to pay more for it (and therefore cut back on demand?) if allowing the bison to roam freely in their native habitat causes expensive alternatives for the cattle industry.

  58. Unknown says:

    Why is a "National Park" subject to appeasing cattle ranchers? If not in a National Park, where will wildlife come first and be protected from the agendas of industry?

  59. sandra poling says:

    why are cattle allowd to graze on land designated as a national park?? They are for people to come and enjoy the wonders of our country and that includes the animals bison included. Cattle are not a national treasure or designated a national mammal!!The one problem I see is that the cattle need to get OFF NATIONAL PARK LAND!!

  60. Anonymous says:

    Corporations must not over ride the wild beast left in America.Stop the KILL...---...

  61. Anonymous says:

    How much killing and murdering can these poor Bison be put thru, move the cattle and the damn ranchers, just a big pain of the ass, between the wolves and bison, lets thin out the damn ranchers.

  62. Unknown says:

    Half the world is starving. We are concerned about mass extinctions. Europe would love to have wildlife that are seen in North America. It makes about as much sense as killing them because vegans said so Grow up. You already wiped out the buffalo

  63. Audrey says:

    I went to Oklahoma 10 years back and the conservation center said they tried so hard to bring the numbers of bison back,now they are slaughtering them again,like wth the humans were thinking. Like I think we should slaughter humans first, because they are always the ones who want to decide who lives and who dont. This totally disgust me.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Ignorant humans will extinguish the planet.

  65. After decades of having the land stolen from them, having their bison herds decimated and grazing lands stolen, from having their sacred places taken, from being herded like cattle into reservations that destroyed their culture and their heritage the federal government should do this ONE thing that our First Nation deserve more than anything. The early settlers owed their survival to the First Nation people and this was the thanks they got for their kindness and generosity of spirit. They only wanted to be allowed to roam free and live in peace in their own land. Save these buffalo ... we brought the First Nation people and the mighty buffalo to the brink of extinction... it's time to right this wrong that has stood for so many generations.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Leave the bison ALONE & let them live in peace!

  67. Unknown says:

    I work in Yellowstone park. The bison herd is too large for the territory. The range is seriously over grazed. If it continues there will be long term consequences. Short term consequences will be a huge population crash.

    There is not enough room for the bison to be left alone. There are 300 million people in the way. If you limit their range then you must control population. No way around it. If you want to help wildlife of any kind you must find them more habitat. So quit whining about a fact of life, get off your butt, and help expand their range.

  68. Anonymous says:

    why??? i dont understand...why cant they leave mother nature alone...she isnt stupid...and its like the butterfly effect...removing this many of any animal can have a disastrous effect that no one can even image as of yet...leave them alone...

  69. Unknown says:

    So you are killing off the Bison as well as the wild horses, not to mention being so hung up on guns that some Americans also go to shoot big game in Africa too, it seems you are not happy unless you are killing! so sad.

  70. NK says:

    The wild bison are native to the national park. Cattle grazing is not and should be prohibited...or is it because there is so much profit to be made.
    I don't understand the logic that there isn't enough land for the native, wild bison but there is for cattle ranching.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Just the tought that you are considering killing these important and beautiful animals, just to appease those who cattle graze the land is appalling. They have been apart of that park forever. Stop the insanity.

  72. Unknown says:

    i dont understand how native americans (who didn't have solid structures to hide in or advanced weaponry) managed to live with millions of bison in north america yet more advanced civilizations are threatened by less than 10k bison. seems like money is involved.

  73. Aren't "Near Threatened" species protected? This doesn't make sense at all. Leave them alone.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Please let them live~!!

  75. sharon says:

    please cant we stop this??????????????????

  76. Anonymous says:

    The fact that this is being proposed in order to appease Montana's livestock industry is disgusting in itself...clearly, all that is truly at stake here is the almighty dollar! This wouldn't be an issue if not for the political clout weilded by greedy ranchers and those politicians who are willing to be manipulated to effect such an immoral act. This makes no sense at all, that we should allow the herd to be "minimized" in order to clear the way for additional income for ranchers and whatever favors they offer politicians who are morally bereft enough to fall into line! Leave the bison and other wildlife qhich resides there, alone...rescind the right of ranchers to graze their cattle in thus land, rather than culling the bison herd which BELONGS there! The ranchers represent only an infinitessimal percentage of U.S. Citizens interested in protecting these animals from slaughter!!!

  77. Unknown says:

    STOP KILLING YOU BARBARIANS .. Quit acting like a uncivilized country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Anonymous says:

    Is there a petition anywhere on the web?

  79. Anonymous says:

    I found the address of the petition! It is:

  80. Unknown says:

    Control humans, not animals. Humans are overpopulation, not the animals you fucking idiots!

  81. Anonymous says:

    Why not keep a certain number to breed. Neutering would still keep them alive and population controlled.

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