A man named Robert Garrett, who was driving to St. Louis from Standing Rock, saw a juvenile bald eagle get hit by a truck.

The truck moved on, so Garrett stopped, scooped up the bird, put it in his passenger seat and drove it the 300 miles back here to take it to the Wildlife Hospital at the sanctuary.

The eagle has damage to the right eye and head, but his outlook is good. The World Bird Sanctuary says it relies on the public a lot to rescue all kinds of birds of prey. Just call them at 636-861-1392, and they’ll walk you through how to handle a rescue situation.

"On his way back to St. Louis from Standing Rock, Robert Garrett witnessed this juvenile bald eagle get hit by a truck. The truck continued on, but Robert stopped and carefully scooped the eagle up and placed it in the passenger seat of his vehicle.

"Robert then continued his trip back to St. Louis with his new road buddy riding shotgun for about 300 miles."

"At 7:30 this morning, the pair showed up at our Wildlife Hospital door. Director of Rescue and Rehabilitation, Joe Hoffmann, says the bird has suffered moderate damage to the right eye and head, Prognosis is guarded but the outlook is good. Thank you so much to Robert for saving the precious life of this little one. We need more people like him in this world."  World Bird Sanctuary

February 15, 2017 - News from Standing Rock: North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum on Wednesday afternoon issued an Evacuation Order of Oceti Sakowin camp “effective immediately.”

Gov Burgum claimed he was issuing the order because of unseasonably warm temperatures that were accelerating the melt of heavy snowpack across the state.

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