Gazing out into her back garden, Melissa Wagner from Alaska is shocked to see this rather strange sight.

Falling about on her lawn is what seems to be an enormous black bear. But the wild creature isn't acting in a threatening manner. He is oblivious to his surroundings and is more interested in playing!

Spotting Melissa's daughter's inflatable, the bear is engrossed in his new toy.

And he seems to be having a ball!

Bounding towards a dilapidated treehouse with his toy firmly in his mouth. the clever bear tries to put on the yellow jacket. But he very quickly loses it behind the tree and is rather confused.

Not to worry! He soon finds it and the games continue as he tosses it around a few more times. Bored with the inflatable, the bear then ambles over to the swing set and tries to get on it a swing.

He pushes the swing and as it comes towards him, he tries clamber on., But the seat proves too slippery and keeps slipping away from his paws. He tries to get a firm grip with his teeth but soon tires of the swing and bounds off towards the slide.


He is uninterested in the slide though and looks around in a bored manner, as if assessing his surroundings. But there’s nothing else to keep him there and so he ambles off disconsolately.

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