“If this Dakota access pipeline gets built and it’s all set in stone and everybody is on board we’re going to feel the effects of that, we’re downstream, not only us but other communities that are native and non-native alike.”

 Norman Iron Cloud, Northern Arapahoe Tribal Member told News 13, “People think it’s just protest this, protest that, but it’s about protecting the water they’re standing in front of the people trying to destroy it, you know with that pipeline all it has to take is one break.”

Another member of the Northern Arapahoe Tribe, Randee Iron Cloud shared, “We’re speaking up for our mother who has no voice, she can’t say don’t dig pipelines and put them in my body you know, we’re the ones speaking out for her. We are all her children and essentially she provides for all of us, no matter what tribe, no matter what race, all colors all nations.”

“It isn’t fair, it shouldn’t be destroyed at all, it should be left alone as the way it is, because the way it is it helps all life, animal, people” Tribal Member Ian Wolf Arrow, “It’s all a part of being part of this world and standing up for mother earth, we’re here for her, she’s our mother, she takes care of us, we can’t abuse her.”

Some plan to go back to continue their peaceful protest, even if they aren’t treated peacefully themselves.

“What we do is in a peaceful way, where they can’t touch us and yet they do, they use tear gas, rubber bullets, concussion grenades, water cannons, at -24 degree weather they use water cannons on them,” said Wolf Arrow.

They understand how many jobs the pipeline will create, but fear the potential damage one oil break could cause.

All of the members were part of the recent Wells Fargo protest in Riverton.

They are trying to raise awareness within their own tribe about corporations funding projects like the pipeline.


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