Paris Jackson joined thousands in a Standing Rock NoDapl march. Based on the reports, the only daughter of the late Michael Jackson was showing her support for the Standing Rock Water Protectors against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

 Jackson is indeed one fearless gal as she expressed her thoughts over the Dakota and Keystone pipelines. According to Daily Express, thousands, including Jackson, were protesting the construction because they believe the project will be a threat to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation’s clean water supply.

In an Instagram post, Jackson shared a video showing the demonstration in Los Angeles on Sunday. Following the march, Jackson was spotted at a gas station while running some errands.

"And we stand with water protectors in saying, 'Leave it in the ground,' that pipelines mean leaks, and water is life," said Paris Jackson

Water Protectors hoisting signs and chanting slogans gathered Sunday near Pershing Square and began marching about a mile for a rally at the Edward Roybal Federal Building.

Police say the gathering is peaceful and no disruptions or arrests have been reported.

Opponents say the proposed $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline threatens the water supply and sacred sites of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.


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