US Vets at Standing Rock: "As a soldier, we've sworn to protect against enemies both foreign and domestic,"

They've been spraying them with water and mace and other things," said Wilbur Hilton, of Flint, a retired plumber and Vietnam War-era U.S. Army veteran. "We as veterans want to know if they can do the same to us. And if they will do this to us veterans of the military, then what does that tell us about our country?"

The veterans, easily identifiable in hats and camouflage jackets, remain far outnumbered by campers in plainclothes.

At a campsite about 50 yards away, Iraq War Veteran of San Marcos, Texas, was helping put up the big green tent.

Asked what he thinks will happen in the next few days, he said, "Good things."

He said it's the first time veterans have had he chance to protect the "original people" of this land.

Sense of duty draws U.S. veterans to Dakota pipeline

In the spirit of service, and in the name of a free and evolutionary sustainable America, Veterans Stand is committed to ensuring that no human or civil rights violations go unchecked, that the voices of the people are truly heard, and that we leave behind a stable and unpolluted environment for future generations. said Veterans Stand Team

About Veterans Stand: Our mission is to unite citizens and all members of humanity through our shared military service; and to fulfill our promise to defend America from enemies, foreign and domestic, by combating the oppression of our fellow human beings and working to create a better future through continued sacrifice and service.

Responses to "Water Protectors Feel Safer With US Veterans At Standing Rock"

  1. Unknown says:

    Veterans are our Nations GEMS and will serve and protect the people as well as the help enforce laws. I am on my way to help clean up efforts at Standing Rock. I have pledged my services to the citizens of the area. They are super concerned about the debris being swept into the river. It is super cold and I need to gear up. Always in Peace. Go Navy!

  2. 7th generation water protectors and our Vets will save us from the oil tycoons and this greedy President. One Earth one people!!! Can't drink oil. MNIWICONI#NODAPL

  3. Unknown says:

    It is so good to know that during these trying times so many people doing the right thing. Love and much blessings!

  4. Alanna says:

    Bless you bless you bless you all. Towards the One and the Caring and Sharing of the Creation. The problem of the western world began 500 years ago, when the commons were enclosed under Roman land laws of dominium which legalized (privatized) land acquired by conquest and plunder.

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