Meet Bobby, the loyal doggie who followed his owner’s funeral procession for 2 miles. Nothing could have stopped Bobby from saying his last goodbye to his beloved owner

Earlier this month, an elderly woman passed away in Malaysia, leaving behind not only her grieving relatives, but, as it turns out, a loyal doggie named Bobby, who refused to miss her funeral and followed the whole procession for 2 miles.

As the row of cars were approaching the cemetery, the woman’s great-grandson, Leong Khai Wai, noticed a pooch running alongside the procession, and, to his surprise, realized it was Bobby.

It is unknown whether anyone offered the doggie a ride, but it was clear nothing could have stopped Bobby from saying his last goodbye to his beloved owner.

Everyone at the funeral was touched by the unexpected presence of the canine. “They said it was the first time they’d ever seen such extreme loyalty in a dog,” Leong recounted.

According to Merriam-Webster, loyalty means having a faithful allegiance to another person or institution. Some trainers argue dog loyalty stems from their pack behavior.

Because dogs want to bond with a group, they instinctually show loyalty to those who are or who could be part of their pack. Allegiance among members of the pack would be crucial to its success. Therefore, early dogs who wanted to form a pack with early humans would have expressed loyalty to those humans to make the pack work effectively for both species.

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  1. Dogs do mourn. I do hope someone takes care of the loyal pooch.

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