A dog hit by a drought has been breaking hearts after being filmed running around a town begging for water with a bucket in his mouth.

The hound has found himself a victim of the latest shortage of water to hit Lima, the capital of Peru. And the unnamed dog has been pulling on the heartstrings of residents by touring the area with a bowl. in the district of Chorrillos, in the western Peruvian province of Lima.

Water company Sedapal has been forced to suspend the supply of drinking water in the Peruvian capital because the water was contaminated with mud.

The aftermath of the severe floods are still being felt in Peruvian towns. Water is scarce and a total of 75 people have been confirmed dead.

More than one million people were forced to abandon their homes. The company is working to rectify the problem and has been dumping huge containers of water in different parts of the city for people to share.

And the adorable pooch decided to join in by bringing his own bucket to be filled. The images of him have gone viral and have been shared thousands of times within the first few hours of being uploaded.

It is believed the pooch was given a drink and locals are lining up to say how adorable the dog is.

Josselyn Ortiz said: 'Look at this face when he is stroked, it is like he is thinking: Do not think about cheating me with your tricks, because I am not going to give you the bucket.'

Donova Sba added: 'It is like he is searching for his owner in order to show him, look, I have water, where are you?'

Responses to "Drought-hit dog breaks hearts by walking around with a bowl asking for water"

  1. Morgana says:

    Heartbraking, what can I say

  2. falkirk says:

    give him a drink

  3. Unknown says:

    I pray that they gave the dig some water, this is so heartsore to watch.😢

  4. Sarita says:

    Somebody should take him home and care for him.

  5. This is so sad for all concerned. I hope someone gave him some water. I know it is tough but how can you ignore him? I hope it rains

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