Ever had a full grown wolf stick its tongue in your mouth? Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center offers the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with wolves and other animals.

Located near Divide, Colorado (about two hours outside of Denver), CWWC offers educational tours to the public. You and your friends can learn about, howl with and even visit with some of CWWC’s “ambassador” wolves.

The 35 acres of CWWC is home to many animals including several species of wolves, coyotes, red foxes, swift foxes.

It is the Mission of the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center to:

Educate the public through tours and programs about the importance of Wolves, Coyotes, and Foxes to our eco-system.

Educate the public about the importance of Preservation and Conservation of the forests, land, and water that supports wildlife, flora, and fauna for future generations to enjoy.

Provide natural habitats and exceptional lives for the animals entrusted to our care since they cannot live in the wild.

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