The Black Leggings Warriors have a saying: “I need you and you need me.’’ “You have to have support, just like going into a battle.

Members and friends of the Oklahoma City Pow Wow Club, which is Oklahoma’s oldest Native American intertribal heritage organization, gathered on the west side of the COX Center on Saturday morning in order to begin a march to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Under a heavy sky, and in a light mist, they gathered. Led by the Kiowa Black Leggings Warrior Society, an organization that recognizes the Native Americans in the military and the sacrifices they have made not only for their tribe, but also for their country, those gathered began to march north on Robinson Avenue in downtown Oklahoma City.

They would turn west on Park Avenue, and continue on to the Civic Center Music Hall, where speakers were waiting to address the marchers.

Even in the misting rain, which was heavy at times, their spirits were high, as they chanted, “No more oil, keep it in the soil!”

The rally and march was attended by roughly 200 people who were carrying signs and chanting, and was peaceful and respectful in nature.

Photos Credit: Tim Blake 

The Black Leggings Society is the premier veterans organization of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma and one of the most conservative tribal military societies in existence in terms of retention of traditional practices. While the type of service has changed — from fighting cavalry or other tribes to combat in the South Pacific or the Middle East — members are still soldiers and dual citizens protecting their land and people as well as the United States.

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  1. Dr. Butch Miller, Viet Nam Veteran says:

    Thank you for your sacrifice and your bravery!! I stand against the DAPL and all that would harm Mother Earth and her living creatures!!

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