The White House didn't comment nor answer to the tribe's request. There were a few mainstream Media sources that relayed the event, but the most important information was from social media sites, Twitter and Facebook.

Native American tribes and their supporters headed to the US capital for four days of demonstrations against the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline and to raise awareness of other issues affecting Native Americans.

Activists from indigenous tribes from across America had set up a teepee encampment next to the Washington Monument, before marching on Trump Tower and the White House

The protests follow a year-long battle by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and environmentalists against the construction of the controversial Dakota Access pipeline and the desecration of tribal lands.

The Washington DC protests, organised by Standing Rock along with the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Native Organisers Alliance, have asked the Government to require tribal consent when considering major infrastructure projects crossing through their lands.

But there was silence

Dallas Goldtooth, an organiser with the Indigenous Environmental Network,said: “Our plan here is to really be a central hub for a lot of information of ongoing issues going on across quote-on-quote Indian country.

”This is also a space for a lot of tribal representatives, frontline grassroots leaders to do some workshops, presentations about issues that are affecting their land, their homelands, their peoples and just to be a hub to really organise and celebrate.”

The White House did not comment.

Responses to "Largest march for native rights in DC ignored by the White House and mainstream media"

  1. Anonymous says:

    After having support from the White House from the Obama administration to being completely ignored is so sad for our nation. I am grateful for the fight the Native Americans are doing and bringing awareness to a public that has become almost "dumb" to what is really happening. I am with you in spirit and prayers!

  2. Unknown says:

    You should open a Twitter account.

  3. Ruth Burkleo says:

    Since Trump is the enemy of news people also, I don't know why they won't give more coverage to our Native Americans fight !!

  4. mytime says:

    Getting your message out to the general public should be your main focus. Educate the public on your issues and how that affects everyone.

  5. Unknown says:

    Thank you for standing up for our rights!! Much love to the water protectors

  6. Denise says:

    that is shockingly bad. not surprised the WH didn't respond, but no media coverage is just so wrong. when was the march? i don't see a date on the page.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yet, a dozen Trumpees standing around garners news. Sad.

  8. Val says:

    I'm disgusted that I did not hear one word about this. Can I ask that you date your posts? It does not say when this occurred and I cannot share without knowing.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Not surprised....

  10. Unknown says:

    What happened to "...We the people"...? Yes the term is coined by infamous white men...whose education was quite limited as it pertains to the world in which we live does not excuse their lack of education in common sense however (documented historical events prove this)! My body's gender is female and my skin color may be pale however my SOUL is not; it is many colors!

  11. what exactly did Pr. Trump say about these rallies in twitter?
    No one seems to be able to say!!?

  12. Unknown says:

    I disagree with what Anonymous said about Obama ignoring the issue. He didn't ignore the issue... He stopped the pipeline from going any further. He even had the snake to re route. Then it all changed when Trump got in office. Stop blaming Obama for everything. I'm Indigenous... I appreciate what Obama did even if was at the end of his presidency.

  13. Unknown says:

    When did this take place? I've been in DC all weekend and didn't see anything but the St Patrick's Day parades in and around the monuments and Capitol buildings. I would have joined in support had I known or seen them out.

  14. Anonymous says:

    March 7-10, 2017.

  15. Ria Swift says:

    Obama could have signed one piece of paper giving the Sioux tribe back their land....he didn't. Stop praising this man. He didn't really help.

  16. Follow the money, everyone else is.

  17. Anonymous says:

    #WIL water is life and we will protect her!

  18. Anonymous says:

    The legislation and actions of those running the White House--and Congress, especially Paul Ryan--show that those Powers that Be have little regard for any average citizen rights or American Indian rights. Those Powers that Be are Avatars of Evil (Satan or any other name with the same meaning).

  19. Anonymous says:

    When was this?

  20. Water is Life

  21. kimom says:

    why no media coverage ??? i greatly admire and support our water protectors - our kindred spirit native brothers and sisters !!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Obama was named "Walking Eagle" cause he was too full of $#!t to fly. Good name for him. The only reason he did ANYTHING against DAPL was because his democrat ties told him to do so, in order to "save face". From what I've read he, Ol' Killary, and Chump, ahm, trump, are all invested in this greed-hearted monster. Media only goes where their corporate greedy elitists tell them to go, and only cover what they allow. The truth is no longer shared on television sets, only more brain washing to tell the sheeple what to buy, what to wear, and who to worship. It's disgusting. This is not the country my grandfather almost died fighting to protect. The people, yes, the government, HELL NO!

  23. Is anyone really surprised? No, I didn't think so. :(

  24. Anonymous says:

    Also ignored by all the big environmental groups! I worked hard to defeat the Keystone XL Pipeline. Now we start anew. Where was Greenpeace, NRDC, etc?

  25. Roxanne says:

    Shame on the media. Perhaps no response from the Whitehouse was a blessing...given what violence could have happened. But for the media to not cover this important protest is unacceptable.

  26. Unknown says:

    I am disappointed by our mainstream media, they spend a lot of useless time recording the juvenile antics of the #thug45mustgo Trump and playing their part in the keeping us in the dark of the real important stuff. I am now ashamed that I use to be part of the news media. The media has not done their job buy asking some real hard hitting questions and digging up information that could be useful. Instead the media is keeping the attention on easy number stories, what I mean by easy numbers is stories that will keep the reader numbers up. I feel that the media has lost touch with themselves in being the watch dog of democracy and has sold it soul for numbers and showman ship. This era of mainstream media has diluted to yellow journalism that has earned the scorn and distrust of people who use to rely on good solid journalism to get the facts and bring attention to events that any government would hope would just go away, but lately I feel this gas lighting media is now complicit with the man they got elected by giving him all the free air and print time they could give and are still doing so.

  27. Unknown says:

    I wonder how Native American will make their voices be heard. Minorities literature should be part of the curriculum.

  28. Sharon britt says:

    Shame on the MEDIA AN THE ORANGE ONE

  29. Anonymous says:

    Money will never make up for not having a decent soul. Those with pathetically undeveloped, unenlightened souls crave money in an insatiable and addictive way. It is more important to them than other people's lives. They treat non-white, non-wealthy people like mosquitoes to be swatted. But money works only in this very limited dimension of existence. Soul is what works in all dimensions.

  30. The only thing that lasts is love!

  31. Anonymous says:

    I am so sorry that our president has so much HATE for the ORIGINAL PEOPLE here that he will not realise they are trying to save the people of America from poisoned water, contaminated soil and the air. WE ARE IN TROUBLE AS A NATION!

  32. We each do what is given to us to do!

  33. Anonymous says:

    I live in DC and knew nothing of this event. What a shame! When did this happen?

  34. When did this happen?

  35. Anonymous says:

    We've adopted and helped MANY white people even today there's many in our tribes benefiting nothing but Grant programs and THEY say we get everything for free I beg to differ we do not get nothing that welfare wouldn't give to the average man that's disable, all the Fort Indians take it all away by what they learn by Red lining Grant Monies.

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