Two swans had to seek human help after becoming entangled by their necks during an elaborate mating ritual.

Footage shows the animals desperately struggling to separate themselves from one another as they swim towards the shore.

But fortunately for the swans, two friends were on hand to help the distressed duo and free them from their predicament.

Alexander Nor came to the rescue of the two animals as he walked along the riverbank with friends near his hometown of Kremenchuk, Ukraine.

He said he spotted the birds awkwardly paddling because of their knotted necks, and added: 'They saw people, swam over and meekly waited to be disentangled.'

The video reveals the swans patiently waiting to be helped as Mr Nor delicately unravels their necks by twisting and turning them.

The animals show no signs of distress as they are helped from their mix-up and appear relieved to be freed as they run off squawking.

Mr Nor added: 'Sometimes I marvel at the minds of animals.'

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