This devoted mother otter found a novel way of keeping her newborn pup dry by letting the baby ride on her belly.

Nature photographer Suzi Eszterhas, 40, spotted the adorable pair of southern sea otters swimming in Monterey Bay, California.

The mother otter lifted the pup out of the water and on to her belly to keep it warm and dry. The loving mother also blew air into the young pup's fur to groom it. Ms Eszterhas said she was surprised to see the otters come close to where she was standing.

She watched as the mother left her child to float alone in the water. Young otters have a layer of natal fur that helps them to float unaided while their mother hunts for small animals below the surface.

'Sometimes, she swam right up to the dock and left her pup floating on the water's surface right in front of me while she foraged for food.

'She did this so many times; it made me feel like a babysitter. It was adorable and it also really showed how vulnerable and trusting wild animals can be.'

There are almost 3,000 sea otters living along the California coast - all of which are descendants of a colony of 50 otters discovered in 1938.

Responses to "Mother otter keeps her newborn pup dry as the pair swim together "

  1. Unknown says:

    That is a wonderful way to show a mothers love.

  2. Unknown says:

    This is how we do it!

  3. Beautiful... <3

  4. Sherry says:

    I love these little babies. They are so precious. If only everyone did. Almost every little mother in every species loves and protects her babies.

  5. This is common for the momma’s, they often keep the babies on their bellies to keep them warm and dry and to keep them together while they sleep, they also hold hands and link the arms of their partners while they sleep so that they won’t float apart while they’re fast sleep which is also super cute♥️ Otters are very devoted companions and mommas.

  6. Unknown says:

    OMG they are so adorable, they have to be one of my favorite animals.

  7. So cute :-)

  8. This pup is a few months old. When born in the sea these pups do not know how to swim. Mom takes them close to shore in shallow water and teaches them how by ducking their heads under water and when they surface does it again and shows them how to use their feet to paddle. They are my favorite animals.

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