On Friday, March 10, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe will march with indigenous people and allies to oppose DAPL’s continued aggression on tribal nations and stand in solidarity with all Native Nations to protect their sovereignty.

"DAPL has disregarded the Environmental Impact Statement process, ignored tribal consultation, and acted in clear violation of treaty rights. Members of his administration have even blatantly lied about their communication with the Tribe. The Tribe is marching to call on the administration to hear why it’s critical for the U.S. government to respect treaty rights." said Chairman Dave Archambault II

“They want us to believe the fight is over – but we can still win this. We can unite in peaceful, prayerful resistance against this illegal pipeline,” said Chairman Dave Archambault II of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. “Now, we are calling on all our Native relatives and allies to rise with us. We must march against injustice – Native nations cannot continue to be pushed aside to benefit corporate interests and government whim.”

The Native Nations Rise March on Washington is proof that the Standing Rock movement is bigger than one tribe. It has evolved into a powerful global phenomenon highlighting the necessity to respect Indigenous Nations and their right to protect their homelands, environment and future generations.

Who: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, grassroots allies, and tribal nations from across the United States.

Featuring: Chairman Dave Archambault II, MN Rep. Peggy Flanagan, Taboo, and many more speakers and performers.

What: Native Nations Rise March on Washington

Starting Tuesday, March 7, Native American tribes from across the country will convene events throughout the city leading up to the march. An encampment will be built on the National Mall (no overnight camping allowed).

When: Friday March 10, 2017 at 10am

Where: The march will start at the Army Corps of Engineers Office, 441 G St NW, Washington, DC20314 and culminate in a rally at Lafayette Square.

For those who cannot march with us, we ask that you take peaceful action at home in your tribal nations, states, cities, towns, villages and provinces.

For more information on the march:

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  1. Unknown says:

    Is there anything happening in denver in terms of a march or resistance

  2. Anonymous says:

    Go for it you will win. You're on the right side of history. Prayers and songs to you all from Sparks NV.

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