A perplexed beaver who accidentally herded 150 head of cattle across a farm in Canada last week has become an online sensation.

 “How do we move 150 heifers in Canada?” wrote rancher Adrienne Ivey, who filmed the unusual encounter in Saskatchewan, in a Facebook post that’s attracted over 100,000 views. “Now I just need a better trained beaver...”

She told local radio station 980 CJME Monday that the young cows are curious “kind of like teenagers.”

The video shows the cows carefully following the beaver. When the rodent moves, they move with it. And when it stops, they stop too ― gathering around, but also keeping a respectful distance.

“There was about a three-foot space around him,” Ivey said. “They didn’t want to get closer than that.”

She told the broadcaster that the beaver was likely out looking for a new place to build a lodge when it came across the cows.

“When we first saw this we knew that people would get a great chuckle out of it because you cannot get more Canadian than that,” Ivey told CJME. “We talk about how awesome our Canadian beef is, but a beaver leading cattle around? It’s the most Canadian thing ever!”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Loved seeing the video of your ground. Looks great!

  2. T-Live says:

    Cute. Need to use full screen to see it properly.

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