When a cat, a dog and a rat came to a local shelter, they couldn't be apart from each other. They were very bonded like siblings.

Three unlikely friends came to The Oshkosh Area Humane Society (in Oshkosh, Wisconsin) one day looking for a new home--Jack, a sight-impaired cat, Sasha, a young dog and Tweaks, a senior rat.

"They came here at the beginning of March as a surrender together. Their owner could no longer care for them but they let us know they were very bonded," Jennifer Ollanketo of OAHS told Love Meow.

Jack the feline can't see very well and relies on Sasha the dog as emotional support and sometimes as his seeing eye.

"She calms Jack and if Jack is away from Sasha too long he gets very upset." Tweaks the rat may be a senior, but he has a young heart and loves to wrestle with Sasha. He loves his best buddies and is extremely friendly to everyone.

The gorgeous tuxedo, Jack, gets anxious when his canine friend, Sasha, is not around. When the staff took the cat to the vet for a physical exam, Jack didn't want to cooperate until they brought in Sasha. Immediately, Jack calmed down by his best friend's presence.

The shelter wanted to keep the trio together and started looking for a perfect home that would take all three in with open arms.

"These three are just amazing to watch, how they interact and how they all just get along so well... They bring out one another's unique personalities," Joni Geiger of OAHS told Fox11News.


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  1. Sweet story. I hope they are adopted together.

  2. Which proves when animals are fed and loved they love too.

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