Here’s something you don’t see everyday. A Wisconsin lumberjack came to the aid of a bear whose head was trapped inside a milk can

As we take more and more land away from wildlife, there becomes more animal and human contact. Thus, is the case of a wild black bear in Wisconsin.

This black bear found its way onto a nearby farm where it got its head stuck in a milk can.

So when a Wisconsin lumberjack on Kitchen Kleen potato farmland saw a distressed bear with a milk can stuck on its head, the last thing he wanted to do was walk up to the bear and risk a paw swipe to the legs or a full-on mauling once the can was removed.

Luckily for the bear, the lumberjack had a problem-solving attitude, a sense of humor and some serious skills with a forwarder machine.

A forwarder is a forestry machine designed to lift logs clear from the ground instead of dragging them, which reduces soil impact. Basically it functions much like the classic arcade crane game in which the player has to precisely grab an item solidly enough that he can move it to the depository and claim his prize.

With impressive skill and precision while working with a moving target, the lumberjack clamps onto the milk can on his third try and successfully frees the bear. The bear doesn’t pause for even a moment before running for the hills and away from the big, bad milk can.

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    Good thing the Gov. subsides corn growers....flatten alot of corn there.

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