A cat who went missing four years ago in California was reunited with its owner after amazingly turning up more than 2,000 miles away in Canada.

Olga Chmelicek said she was shocked to receive a call from the Guelph Humane Society in Canada, who informed her that they had found her missing cat BooBoo on March 17.

The Watsonville, California, owner eagerly traveled to pick up the cat and after being separated for years, BooBoo was reunited with her family on Thursday in Buffalo, New York.

The six-year-old tabby was reported missing in 2013 and somehow managed to make its way all the way to Ontario over the course of four years. The pet was identified through a microchip implant.

Chmelicek's daughter Ashley Aleman said she thinks the feline managed to travel the 2,000 mile journey by hitching a ride, as the cat had a habit of jumping into cars.

Chmelicek said to CBC Radio's Ontario Today: 'She survived all these years when we all thought she was gone. It's incredible. I'm still in shock.'

BooBoo turned up in Morriston, just south of Guelph, Ontario, earlier in March. She was handed over to the humane society in very good shape, Melissa Stolz, the animal program and intake coordinator said.

She added to CBC News: 'This cat came in very good shape and it's hard to believe that she hasn't been taken care of for the past three years.'

The charitable animal organization was able to find out who BooBoo belonged to due to a microchip implant. Chmelicek said: 'I can't express how important it is to chip your animal. Even though it's four years later ... miracles happen.'


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