The suit also alleges that permit violates the Endangered Species Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

First Suit Filed for an Injunction Against Keystone XL Pipeline Permit by Indigenous Environmental Network, North Coast Rivers Alliance.

Kate French, Chair of the Northern Plains Resource Council, said, “As Montanans, we understand the importance of water. We depend on our rivers and our groundwater for drinking, for irrigation, and for our biggest economies – agriculture, recreation, and tourism.

A threat to our water is a threat to our most basic needs. Together we must do everything we can to protect our water and our future.” Kate can be reached for comment at 406-461-5312.

Kieran Suckling, Executive Director of the Center for Biological Diversity, said, “The Keystone XL pipeline will spill oil, pollute our drinking water, push us deeper into the climate crisis and drive wildlife closer to the brink of extinction."

For too long, the U.S. Government has pushed around Indigenous peoples and undervalued our inherent rights, sovereignty, culture, and our responsibilities as guardians of Mother Earth and all life, while fueling catastrophic extreme weather and climate change with an addiction to fossil fuels. The time has come to keep fossil fuels in the ground and shut down risky extreme energy projects like the tar sands that are poisoning our families, wildlife, water sources and destroying our climate.”

KXL poses an unacceptable risk to the Missouri River and its fisheries, including the nearly extinct Arctic grayling,” said Frank Egger, President of The North Coast Rivers Alliance (NCRA). “No oil pipeline is safe. One major oil spill, and the Missouri River and adjacent aquifers would be polluted for generations.”

"This movement has already defeated the Keystone XL pipeline, and we will do so once again.” said native Americans. 

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