A street dog found paralysed at the roadside has regained the use of his legs in a remarkable recovery following months of rehabilitation.

 Georgie's carers at Rajasthan-based Animal Aid Unlimited feared that the injured hound may never walk again after he was hit by a car. The charity in Udaipur, which has documented Georgie's recovery in a heartwarming video, got a call to say he was injured and unable to stand following the accident.

When the rescue team arrived, they found the dog sitting forlorn in the street, desperately trying to drag the lifeless half of his body around with his front legs.

'He couldn't understand why his legs wouldn't work anymore,' said a spokesperson for the charity, which rescues thousands of street dogs in India every year.

'He was hurt and confused and he didn't know we were here to help.'

As the team try to approach, terrified Georgie winces as the rescuer reaches out his hand and then tries to scurry away but fails, reluctantly accepting a stroke.

After a number of weeks, the team made a breakthrough - they were able to get Georgie to stand supported and could begin encouraging him to walk again.


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