An intimate chronicle of resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) at Standing Rock, the film bears witness from the first week of September to forced evacuation on February 23rd.

 Focusing on treaties and historical context, framed by the current American political context, Standing Rock becomes both a warning and an inspiration as this country moves into uncharted territory. A work-in-progress feature-length documentary film by Gwendolen Cates

Photographer and documentary filmmaker Gwendolen Cates lives in New York City. She is the author of Indian Country (Grove Press, 2001), a book of photographs taken on reservations and in urban Native communities nation-wide.

Her portraits of well-known figures including Madeleine Albright, Tony Bennett, Kevin Costner, Val Kilmer, and Oprah have appeared in magazines such as People, Rolling Stone, and Vanity Fair.

Her award-winning film Water Flowing Together, a portrait of Navajo/Puerto Rican ballet dancer Jock Soto, had its broadcast premiere on PBS' Independent Lens in 2007.

At Sacred Stone, people would come all day long to have a prayer ceremony, to pray, to drink water. They brought water from all over the world and put it in the river to help it heal — spiritual leaders from every facet of every indigenous people — Mongolians, the people out of Africa, India, China, Australia, New Zealand. And of course, all of our brothers and sisters in South America and middle America and Canada.

When people want to say, “Who started this?” Nobody. Everybody. There was no one leader. There was no one person. It was everybody. Each with their own journey. In the middle of all of this was the youth, who continued to stand up. Who continued to bring that power, that healing.


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    Great we have to continue Iam Environmental Defender from Dominican Republic
    Environmental Strategic Reserach Councill

  2. thank you all for this movie. I saw the trailer. Unfortunately I cannot see the entire film. Is it possible to obtain the movie ? I live in Belgium. In Belgium few people knows about that and - even I share in Facebook - I think demonstrate the movie is a good way also.

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