Wingham Wildlife Park welcomed their first ever European wolf pups into the park this month. The litter of four pups were born on Wednesday,  and took ten days to open their eyes.

 Wolves have been part of Wingham Wildlife Park since 2013, when Dakota - the mother of this litter of pups - and her sister Arya came to the UK from Parc Animalier de Sainte Croix in France.

Markus Wilder, park curator, added: "They all have their eyes open already and are moving around really well. When Dakota first made her den, it was quite shallow, but we can see now why she has been excavating it more – making it deeper and steeper. Whilst she is doing really well, it's obviously also a bit of a learning curve for her."

The European wolf is a subspecies of the grey wolf, which used to be the world's most widely distributed mammal.

However, while it used to be found throughout most of Europe, this particular subspecies is now already extinct in the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

Tony said: "When we first built the European wolf enclosure it was designed to be big and laid out in a natural manner.

It features a nice big pond which they actually go in to during the hotter months, as well as plenty of British bushes and trees. We had always designed it with the intention of building up a nice sized pack, which these pups are going to let us do.


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