World Environment Day is celebrated every year to remind us of how important it is to take care of and walk gently upon our Mother Earth.

 It has become very apparent that we must act now to implement plans to make World Environment Day an "Every Day" event. Our Earth has become very damaged and we as humans are the ones who are responsible. It is now critical that we make the changes to save our Earth - there are no more tomorrows left.

The more science reveals about the natural world, the more we learn what many indigenous peoples have long known: that everything is interconnected and interdependent -- from the tiniest microbes to the largest carnivores, from plants that sequester carbon, prevent flooding and feed us to the carbon, hydrologic and other large cycles that keep the planet in balance.

There's no going back to simpler times, but our survival does depend on respecting our place in this miraculous world. To heal the disconnection, we must reconnect. It's fitting, then, that the theme of this year's World Environment Day on June 5 is "Connecting People to Nature."

This year there are an amazing number of wonderful events that will take place around the world as people come together to make important changes to protect our environment. In the U.S. there will be recycling drives, rallies and teach-ins for all to join in.

New technologies and legislation will also be discussed by keynote speakers as many current technologies are counterproductive to the long term health of our planet. The earth has given so much to us as her inhabitants.

It is now imperative that we give back what we have taken. Please join in and make a pledge that you will now live as though Everyday is Environment Day!

People say that: "We own the land" No, we are the land. The land owns us. We're here to protect and preserve the land 

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