A wildlife photographer captured a stunning moment in the animal kingdom after stumbling across a group of lion cubs enjoying a ferociously cute playfight.

Shem Compion was exploring the southern Serengeti, Tanzania, when he spotted four lion cubs and two lionesses enjoying some downtime.

Mr Compion, from Johannesburg, South Africa, snapped away as the cubs jostled each other as well as competing for attention from the adults.

One pair of cubs battled for glory as they tried to wrestle each other to the ground using their disproportionately large paws and yet-to-grow teeth.

As if playing up to the camera, the adorable pair seemed to pause mid-fight to snuggle up to each other.

One put its front paws around its playmate's back and they stared lazily into the distance - perhaps enjoying the blissful feeling of being at the top of the food chain.

As one of the critters became weary of the play-tussle, it tried to slope away - but its rival was keen to continue the battle and tugged at the fur on its friend's rear in an attempt to keep the game going.

The huge adults eventually managed to control the wayward youngsters and began cleaning them with their large, pink tongues.

What a relaxing way to finish such an uproarious playtime.

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