Winning world championships and becoming the best that she can be, that’s what Ashley Nichols is all about.

 Nichols has been winning Muay Thai titles for the past 6 years and, in that time, representing her country all over the world. That was not her intention when she began training though.

“I started training Muay Thai in late 2006 for recreation, physical health and self-defense,” said Nichols. “I began to study the traditions, history and culture and thought it was a beautiful art and wanted to learn more.”

Her upbringing did not really lend itself to a traditional training sense. Born in Toronto, Nichols grew up moving around Canada, living in several different cities. Moving around does not really allow one to get acquainted in a community or gym. That is not the case now though, Nichols currently lives and trains in Cambridge, Ontario at the MAS Academy of Martial Arts.

At 19, she discovered Muay Thai, and it wasn't long before kickboxing changed her life. On top of the physical and mental focus it gave her, she was also drawn to its culture.

"I started researching a little bit of the traditional aspects of Muay Thai, and some of the history. And it's really rich in culture, and that's one of the reasons why I connected with it," said Nichols.

"Also being First Nations, we have a rich culture as well. There's ceremony, drumming, dance. And also in Muay Thai, there's the same aspects."

Nichols's passion and dedication for the sport led her to Thailand, where she spent most of 2016 racking up six professional Muay Thai wins and a World Professional MuayThai Federation super bantamweight title.

Although Muay Thai is her primary passion, she also trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. "In the martial arts, I've found I was always inspired by the champions, the women that were in martial arts, my teachers, other athletes that were in the gym training hard and doing really well," she said.

"So I was always inspired, and I find that's a lot what drives me as well. And one of my values is inspiration, so I do hope to inspire other youth."


Responses to "Native fighter wants to inspire Indigenous youth to martial arts"

  1. Unknown says:

    Hello Wolf Pack, Currently training out of the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts.

  2. Unknown says:

    She is a great role model!

  3. Unknown says:

    She is a great role model...Coach Rob Peltier

  4. Bless to you I wish you all the best...Love to see my Native women prosper...I am of Cherokee/Tuscarora back grounds tribes...I am a fan...

  5. Unknown says:

    Proud of you sis...keep on keeping on!

  6. Unknown says:

    Great job

  7. Anonymous says:

    Would you be willing to travel to my First Nation community?

  8. AMAZING...ur an inspiration to ALL...ur POSITIVITY and love for Martial Arts will truly inspire the youth of today!! CONGRATS girl to all ur wins...may creator be with YOU always!!

  9. V.co123 says:

    Awesome im a member of the Navajo Nation i also practice Muay Thai keep training n kicking ass my fellow Nak Muay \m/ \m/

  10. Unknown says:

    You are a true role model, we would love to have to come to our community to speak with the young people. Please contact me asap.

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