The New York City Council has officially banned the use of wild animals in circuses in New York City in a 43 to 6 vote!

The landmark bill was sponsored and championed by City Councilmember Rose Mendez and with the support of Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York City has become the largest U.S. city to pass such monumental reform for wild animals. The bill will take effect in one year.

With the major victory of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus shutting down for good earlier this year and now with this huge news coming out of the Big Apple, the message is clear: people no longer want to see animals held captive and perform silly tricks.

“This legislation will ensure that animals are in their natural state, not confined in small boxcars and/or treated in other inhumane ways. Equally important, human beings will be safe from animals that may act ferociously,” said City Councilmember Rose Mendez.

With the abundance of undercover footage, revealing the suffering circus animals endure, including investigations led by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) that exposed tigers being starved for days and whipped profusely as a “training” technique in traveling circuses in America, this important legislation couldn’t come a moment sooner.

According to Animals Defenders International, almost 40 countries have now passed national measures to stop circus suffering and a bill is currently before Congress.

Legislation to restrict the use of wild animals in circuses has also been passed in cities and/or counties in Idaho, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey and Ohio as a result of the growing public awareness of the inhumane treatment the animals endure.

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