A Native American advocacy group is asking for a ban on killing wolves along a wide swath of land bordering Yellowstone National Park.

 A request sent to the Wyoming Fish and Game Department seeks a temporary suspension of wolf hunting altogether and a 31-mile no-hunting “sacred resource protection safety zone” along the outskirts of the 2.2 million-acre park.

Protect the Wolves Director Roger Dobson said that Wyoming’s insistence on eliminating Canis lupus from most of the state was a motivation for approaching the state.

“It goes to show that Wyoming is not capable of managing their resources in the best interest of the public,” said Dobson, a member of the Pacific Northwest’s Cowlitz Indian Tribe. “They’re mandated under the Indian trust and public trust to manage our resources in the best interest of the public. It’s further mandated that they do not allow special-interest groups to suggest or affect policy change.”

But the Cowlitz tribal member, who spoke over the phone from California, vowed to be persistent and to spread the petition to tribes around the United States. He said he was confident the science and the public sentiment were on his side.

“They really need to stop crying that ‘the wolves are killing all our animals,’” Dobson said. “Every single year goes by and their elk slaughter counts increase. They need to stop spreading those falsehoods. They’re fabricated stories. Facts are facts.”

If the appeal fails, Dobson said he won’t rule out suing the state of Wyoming using a Public Trust Doctrine argument. He has vetted the argument with environmental attorneys, he said, and has been in contact with litigation-happy advocacy groups like the Western Watersheds Project.

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  1. They do need to stop killing bears and wolves.

  2. Unknown says:

    Stop killing wolves. They belong here too.

  3. Stop with killing wolfs

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stop the killing of wild animals and wolves. They were given to earth by God to enjoy life and not for mans evilness in destroying our animals and planet general!!

  5. Zoe Cacavas says:


  6. Please stop killing wolf's.

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