Western Australia's Tourism Minister has called for harsher punishment for those who harm Rottnest Island's beloved quokkas.

 Paul Papalia has called for a lifetime ban from the Island for those found guilty of harming a quokka, if they declined to do extensive volunteer work with the animals.

'A person who is charged and found guilty of harming a quokka should never be allowed to step foot on Rottnest Island again,' Mr Papalia told Perth Now.

'In the past few years, these incidents have gained notoriety because the cowardly act has been filmed and shared on social media.

'A fine doesn't seem to be enough of a deterrent. We want them banned from the island for life.'

The Minister said though he wanted to see harsher punishments brought in for offenders, there should be a chance for them to atone for their mistakes.

He offered up an alternative in the way of significant voluntary work with rangers on Rottnest Island in the hopes of helping offenders develop an appreciation for the cute creatures.

But if the voluntary work was refused, Mr Papalia said the offender should be banned. Quokkas are a vulnerable species and are exclusive to Western Australia and its surrounding islands.

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