These pups are not just any pups, mind you. These are very important police pups.

 The New Taipei Police Department has officially debuted the newest recruits to its canine academy this week, as part of the purebred Labrador Retrievers’ one-month birthday celebrations.

The six puppies were born in the beginning of May to retired police dog Yellow, and have been named Fuxing, Shuman, Feida, Yige, AJ, and Liang.

They’ve only just opened their eyes, but the police department can see the puppies’ potential, and have already admitted them into the official training programme.

To celebrate being one month old and landing a coveted job on the force, the puppies were introduced to the public and posed for a photoshoot.

The police are hopeful that the puppies will do as brilliant of a job as their mum, Yellow, and plan to train at least one as a blood-detection dog, while the rest will learn to be sniffers for the city’s unit.

Not to rush ahead (they are just one month old, after all), but once the dogs retire, they’ll be available for adoption. So any fans will just need to wait a decade or so to bring home a very cute dog. Or they could just go to a shelter and pick up an equally adorable dog there.

The puppies will now begin their training, which can take between eight and twelve months.

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