She’s just gotten ‘married’ to her pal Hades, a black sable German Shepherd.

 And together, they’ve become something of an Internet sensation after their wedding photos were posted on Reddit.

‘These two just love each other!’ says Kaya’s owner.

‘They do everything together and hate being apart from each other.’

Like the best couples, the pups are apparenty very similar and yet completely different. Both are two-years-old and Kaya keeps Hades in check.

‘Kaya has a deep bark while Hades is more high pitched. Hades gets distracted easily while Kaya always stays focused.’

They’re enough to brighten even the most miserable Monday morning. If only we all had someone who looked at us the way Hades looks at Kaya.

Though both of them are 2-years-old, the pups have completely different personalities. “Kaya is independent, loyal and loving. She’ll do everything to try and please me,” the owner says. “While Hades is quite dependent, extremely cuddly and he just loves everyone and will try to get everyone’s attention. But they both love going for a walk.”

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