The four-year-old pit bull was surrendered to the shelter because his family were moving and couldn't take him with them.

"He immediately let out this painful whimper once he realised this was really happening," a volunteer said on Facebook.

"He is so hurt and sad and he just wants them to change their minds.

"This sweet, sensitive soul needs help fast. He looks like he's been crying with tears."

Video of him crying in the shelter went viral after being posted to the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page, having clocked up nearly 100,000 views and 2600 shares since the start February.

"His tears are my tears. Ugh," said ninaalenabeatty on Instagram.

Usually this happy guy loves kids, other dogs and even cats, but when he was left behind at the shelter his tail stopped wagging. Not even cookies would help, with the four-year-old refusing to take a treat.

But there is some good news. This little guy has been adopted.

Responses to "Heartbroken Pit Bull Cries After His Household Leaves Him In A Shelter"

  1. MaureenF says:

    Crying for this beautiful pup left off at a shelter. How can people be so insensitive. I pray he finds a better loving forever family.

  2. Look at those sad eyes. What a sweet looking dog. It's heart breaking. Poor thing. I'm hoping that the new people who've adopted him will give him 100% love.

  3. L. M Lowe says:

    I would NEVER move someplace where I couldn't take my furbabies. This is unconscionable!

  4. Unknown says:

    Bring him to me NOW,, I can't stand to see him so heartboken.

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