“I ran through the flames and found her in the farthest corner under pillows, shaking. I couldn’t even see her though the smoke, I just felt her,” Cassandra explained.

“They aren’t exaggerating when they use the term ‘roaring fire’ – the sound of the flames consuming everything was deafening.

“I wrapped my arms as tightly around her as I could and ran back through the fire… When I hit the ground outside, I thought for a minute that I was on fire, but quickly realized that my back was just burned, not burning.”

“Little Dog was flipping out and I had to catch her. (It only took a few second for her to run to me and jump into my arms.) I hugged her tight, and as we sat there on the driveway, something exploded.”

People had begun to gather around just as the firetrucks pulled up. The fire had already been contained by the time Mike and Masi returned. Cassandra was incredibly lucky to only suffer minor smoke inhalation and superficial burns on her back and hand.

“Thank God that I woke up in time to get out, and thank God that I made it back in and back out with my little girl…. Losing her was NOT an option.”

Cassandra saved her pup by heroically dashing back inside to save her.


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    God bless you and your precious little dog!

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