Here’s some good news to brighten your day. 149 dogs and puppies in South Korea to make traditional bositang soup, have been rescued from a meat farm by Humane Society International.

This particular rescue mission came after a dog meat farmer appealed directly to the Humane Society International (HSI), asking them to help him shut down his dog meat farm in Yesan for good so he could move into crop-growing instead.

They’ll be helping him with a business plan, as well as taking the pups off his hands. HSI managed to save 149 dogs and puppies in total, who are now being flown to the US.

Once they arrive, the pups will be placed in animal shelters across the US so they can find loving homes – apart from fifteen newborns, who are too young to fly (they’ll stay in a foster home in South Korea until they’re old enough to make the journey).

Like many dogs in meat farms, the dogs and puppies were living in metal cages, suffering diseases and pressure sores, as farmers can’t provide care for the dogs they plan to kill.

Dogs were chained up, given minimal food, and left to struggle with swollen paws and injuries from living in closed conditions.

This is the ninth dog meat farm HSI has closed since 2014, and the dogs are part of nearly 1,000 pooches who’ve been saved.

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